Folks who have Donated

The following is a list of Classmates who have donated money to help the Class have a resource base for up and coming Reunions.  Thank you so very much for your kindness.  It is MOST appreciated.  Please note:  there is a block to check on the page where you purchase tickets called DONATE - any amount is appreciated!!

Jackie Absher Dare

David Bailey

Bob Benefiel (in memory of his brother Bill)

Cathy Cavas Strobel

Michael Cordes

Diana Crawford

Patricia Desmarais Cellini

Jimmy Driscol

Barbara Engstrom Wardwell

Mike Foley

John Gannon

Art Giesler

Cindy Gilmer

Dovid Goldfarb

Denise Greco Clendaniel

Mary Griffin Tinsley

Dan Hamby

Jaunice Harris

Stephen Henderson

Tom Hodge

Ken Kelstrom

Mark Ketchel

Eileen McCormick Maloney

Carl McDilda

Kathleen McManus Kyler

Jeannine McNamee Vander Haeghen

Robin Moore Mangold

Jon Mann

Thomas Moore

Dave Moss

Bill Olmert

Don Proctor

Janet Rash Hammond

Susan Sheets Russo

Sandra Saltz

Tom Skinner

Tina Thoman