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02/24/13 05:05 AM #1    


Kathleen McManus (Kyler)

Going to User Forums will give you access to some alternate hotels/motels that are within reach of the Chesapeake Beach Resort & Hotel.  Just click on User Forums button on the left hand side of your screen.  Look for the topic about other hotel resources.  Thanks to Denise Greco Clendaniel for researching this for the Class.

07/26/13 04:43 PM #2    

David Vosh

hello to all,
looking forward to tomorrow nites event. historically, i`m one of the "geeky kids" from school but want to try to be more social this year - please help me out ! :)
dave vosh

07/30/13 09:55 AM #3    

Victor DeMattia

To all,

The pictures look great.  I was looking forward to attending but I had a major event come up at the last minute and was unable to attend.  To all my friends that were there,  I miss y'all and hope to stay in touch.

Vic DeMattia

08/13/13 11:11 AM #4    

Nancy Burns (Dunevant)

There are quite a few people that I remember from Taney that I don't remeber being at Crossland.  Did Taney split into more than one high school or did these folks just move on?  I know there were a lot of military families around so maybe they just moved away.  If anyone knows where any of these people are, please post it.  

Steve Koznowski

Gigi Gong

Janet Popovich

Inez Ferrante

Jimmy Goins

Leigh Bonsac

Sue Horton


Thanks,  Nancy Burns Dunevant

08/15/13 09:55 PM #5    

Rowland Bussler


For those of you that may not be aware or are not on Social Media. Whit Edwards has been hospitalized with some Gastro intestinal issues. With Rosies permission, I am sharing the info she has posted on Facebook and I will copy and paste it so it will not be anyones words but hers.

So to update some of Whit Edwards friends.,.,
Aug 14
They admitted him to the hospital here in Marshall (Tx). He Has an urinary tract infection and sepsis... Giving antibiotic iv

He started running a fever last night. Went in for the test this AM I went to Gasto office and told the nurse about problems he has been having. Did some more test and admitted him.

The test this morning shows his stomach is not working. Will also have meds for that.

He's resting now. Thanks for your continued prayers!

Latest info: Aug 15 
Whit Edwards is a little better this AM. Waiting for blood cultures to return.. This takes time. His UTI seems better. Temp and blood pressure are good. Still also waiting for his stomach to work. Still has a lot of pain when he eats anything.

Will post more as we learn more. Thanks again for your continued prayers.~ Rosie


As Rossie posts updates, I will update the message board..

Rowland (Buzz) Bussler

08/20/13 12:04 PM #6    

Thomas Moore

Tom Moore-MIA

To all my classmates:

It appears because of my inattention I missed our 40th class reunion. Forgive me for not staying in touch.

On August 19, 2013, I discovered the Crossland Class of 73 website.  This look a great way to keep in touch.

Hello to all, sorry I missed you in July. I hope now to stay in touch.

Tom Moore

08/26/13 08:00 AM #7    


Kathleen McManus (Kyler)

For Mike - HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A TERRIFIC GUY WHO I WISH I HAD KNOWN MUCH BETTER IN HIGH SCHOOL!  Hope this year brings much happines and joy to your life!  Hugs - Kathleen (KathyMac)

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